WARNING: These camps are limited and fill up fast 35 spots filled (accept 70 kids total per camp)

"Get Double a Seasons Match Count In Just One Weekend"


March 6th - 8th

ESCAPE ARTIST March 20th - March 22nd (cancelled)
TOO TOUGH ON TOP April 10th - April 12th (postponed)
DEFENSE FOR DAYS April 24th - April 26th (postponed)
NO GAMBLE LEARN SCRAMBLE May 8th - May 10th (postponed)
COWBOY CHAMP May 29th - May 31st (postponed)


Pick An Option Below That Fits or Register Now If You Are Ready To Go!



AGES 11 - 14
Ages 14 - 18
3 day Camps March, April, May


AGES 11 - 14
14 - 18
Individual & Team
Summer Weeklong Camps


AGES 5 - 18

Individualized training to maximize performance by being analytical and specified per the wrestler.


I come and train your entire team and help you as a coach apply a system that is proven

Weekend War Wrestling Camps....!

"Stop spending thousands of dollars traveling the country for a few matches and start getting 5x the competition in your backyard at our Competition Camps."


About: These camps are central competition grounds for 7 plus hours of elite coaching and 7 hours of competition with the best in the west.

Daily Schedule: 
Day 1 - Registration 10 - 11:15am
Three 2 hour wrestling sessions day 1 
Three 2 hour wrestling sessions day 2
One 2 hour session on Day 3 Pickup at 11:15 am
(parents please come to day 3's last session starting at 8:30am)

14 hours of high level coaching and competition guaranteed...!

Food Provided - Day #1 Lunch & Dinner provided, Day #2 - All meals provided, Day #3 - Breakfast provided
We will also have a camp store for extra snacks and meals as well as ALL IN apparel for purchase. (bring extra cash)

Packing List - Sent upon registration

Fly to Boise before 10:30am Day #1
Fly home Day # 3 after 2:00 PM

Shuttle: We will shuttle your kids from airport to location when we are given flight information in the online registration. There will be an additional charge of $50 for all pickup and drop offs. 


Takedown King  March 6th - March 8th

Escape Artist March 20th - March 22nd

To Tough On Top April 10th - April 12th

Defense For Days April 24th - April 26th

No Gamble Learn Scramble May 8th - May 10th

Cowboy Champ May 29th - May 31st

Price: Overnight $195 (pay deposit online and pay remainder at check in or pay in full online)
Commuter $165

ALL IN CAMPS are in Boise, ID/Treasure Valley Area and the exact location will be within 40 minutes of BOI airport and will be displayed on the registration page when you select your camp. We will be overnight in gyms until we get the ALL IN WRESTLING FACILITY built. Coming soon...!

Takedown King Camp

March 6th - March 8th Ages (11- 14) & (14 - 18) 


  • Set ups: You don't know what to do in the ties, we can help with that!
  • Shot: No more getting sprawled on - Learn the footwork to garuantee your in deep on your shots
  • ​Finish: We all know getting to the leg is just the beginning and finishing is an entire new beast. The #1 area you need help is finishing options. 
  • ​Competition: Master your offense on your feet by putting it to test over and over in live situations with the best kids in the west

14 hours of high level coaching and competition guaranteed...!

Escape Artist

March 20th - March 22nd Ages (11- 14) & (14 - 18) 
Camp has been moved to Riverview Bible Camp in Cusick, WA

Escape Artist

  • ALL IN Position! Learn the ALL IN position I always get to in order to escape or reverse the competition.
  • Getting Wrists Trapped? I have been in your shoes and I know how frustrating it can be, let me help you!
  • ​​Leg Riding Kryptonite! We all have it and for most its the leg riders! After this camp you will beg a guy to put his leg in.
  • ​Live Wrestling Imagine wrestling live not one, not two, but three days wrestling only on the bottom position after being coached technically for hours!

14 hours of high level coaching and competition guaranteed...!

Too Tough On Top Camp

April 10th - April 12th Ages (11- 14) & (14 - 18) 


  • Rack up points: Stop giving away free points and start turning your opponents and scoring massive points.
  • Cradle Mania: Learn numerous ways to lock up the toughest pinning combination to stop
  • ​Mat Strategy: You can gain a major mental edge by staying tough on top, but you need to be aware of everything he is trying from bottom first.
  • ​Cowboy Up: Imagine yourself able to ride the best in the country after 7 hours of coaching and 7 hours of hard live wrestling on top!

14 hours of high level coaching and competition guaranteed...!

Defense For Days

April 24th - April 26th Ages (11- 14) & (14 - 18) 

Defense For Days

  • Super Fly Defense! Gain confidence by learning what it takes to make sure no one touches your legs!
  • ​Tree Trunk Legs! Learn how you can make your legs super heavy and extremely hard to score on.
  • No Attack Arm No Problem​ A secret windshield wiper technique that helps block all attacks. 
  • ​​Whizzer Mastery Techniques turn any shot into a single leg defensive position and allow you to score 5 different ways.

14 hours of high level coaching and competition guaranteed...!

"The best offense can be a great defense"

No Gamble Learn The Scramble

May 8th - May 10th Ages (11- 14) & (14 - 18) 

Don't Gamble Learn The Scramble

  • Stingy: Learn the all in tactics and thought process to turn all his shots into your offense!
  • ​​Frusturate: Learn the #1 way to frusturate all your competition with this one coaching tip!
  • ​Scramble Cradles: Imagine turning his shots into your cradles!
  • ​Battle Tested: So you got the solid stuff and now you got the scramble stuff. Let's put it to the test with 7 plus hours live situational scrambling.

14 hours of high level coaching and competition guaranteed...!

Cowboy Champ Camp

May 29th - May 31st Ages (11- 14) & (14 - 18) 

Cowboy Champ

  • Cowboy Hat! Become camp champ of the weekend and win the coveted ALL IN Cowboy Hat
  • ​Best of the West We will personally invite the best kids from our previous camps and make this camp the best of the West.
  • Wrestle To Win Get coached to win matches through numerous live wrestling simulations
  • Wrestling Mindset Learn exactly the mindset needed in different situations or scenarios. Be a student of the sport.
  • Ability Solve some of the sports biggest challenges by being coached high level technique!

14 hours of high level coaching and competition guaranteed...!

"The Wrestler with the best technical knowledge will go far in the sport."


If You Are Looking For Systematic Wrestling Training Organized in an Easy, Simple, And Applicable Way Hire Me To Help!

What You Get In 3 days

Progressive Training System

  • Day # 1 - Three 2 hour session (Focus will be strictly on progressive Training for Offense and Defense on Feet)
  • ​Day #2 - Three 2 hour session (Focus will be entirely on Top and Bottom Drill System
  • ​Day #3 - One 2 hour sessions (Focus will be entirely based off Q&A for different challenges coaches are having.
  • Practice Plans for an entire year
  • ​1 year membership to ALL IN Wrestling System (online access to all progressive drills in the system)

"If you are a coach who would like a template for success applied up front and personal then this is by far the best opportunity that I can give you. I will personally come out to your school and train your team and give you the system, practice plans, and template for what I believe will give your kids the best wrestling habits they can have both on and off the mat and ultimately give you a better shot at winning."

If you have interest in Team training please email me at allinwrestler@gmail.com.

Private Lessons

ALL IN Wrestling Garage! Gain a next level edge on your competition in these two hour sessions. In addition to helping wrestlers prepare for their college wrestling careers and even a few prepare for elite world competition, I have also helped individuals win state titles, national titles, Pan American Championships, and many youngsters be the best in there age group hands down. I pride myself on making a positive impact on your kids life and making sure he leaves with a positive mindset to keep learning.

What To Expect


This opportunity is for you if you love wrestling but feel you really need help in order to take your wrestling to a higher level and ultimately give yourself a much better shot at winning.

These spots are extremely limited because I only have so much time..!

If you have interest in private one on one training please email me at allinwrestler@gmail.com.

who will I learn From?
Meet Levi Jones,
Camp Owner/Director
Levi was a well accomplished highly ranked division one wrestler and coach at Boise State University. Levi has dedicated his life's work to the sport of wrestling and dedicates to you that this camp will be one of the best camps you ever attend in your life. He is a passionate innovator in the sport of wrestling with his new tools taking the wrestling world by storm called the ALL IN Journal and the ALL IN Wrestling System. Levi passionately wants you to know that he prides himself on making sure your wrestlers are surrounded by a staff that includes some of the best technicians our country has to offer but also some of the best high character individuals he can surround your kids with.

Download Flyer for Camps Here and Share the Word!!!

How do I register?
Click the register today button and it will give you an option of which camp you would like to sign up for.

Where are the camps located?
ALL IN Camps - Boise, ID
Washington Intensive Camp East - Walla, Walla, WA
Washington Intensive Camp WEST - Centralia,WA
Idaho Intensive Camp - Garden Valley, ID

Can I pay some money now and the remaining money amount at the door?
You will have options to pay deposits for the intensive camps and the All In Camps. You may pay remaining in form of money order, cash or card. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE and cover our costs to prepare for your kid to come to camp.

I want to bring my entire team but I would like to pay with our booster money for our kids?
In this case it is best to contact Levi Jones at allinwrestler@gmail.com so he can set you up with an easy team registration code. Understand that any kids signed up on your behalf means you will be responsible for their deposit. Make sure to do this before the early registration deadline so that you capture all the discounts.

Is there a packing list (online?)
All athletes can find preparation packet on this site and they will also be emailed the packing list after registration.

Cost of laundry?
The cost is $15 and is in the registration form as a separate item (intensive camp only)

Can parents come and watch?
Yes – Best session to come is at 8pm for nightly tournaments!

What time do I pick my wrestler up?
One of the highlights of these camps is the ceremony at the conclusion of the final day, family and friends are invited to attend this inspiring graduation event. 
(est. start time 8:30AM)(est. end time 10:30am) All athletes will be out of facilities by 11am.

If I have siblings, do I get a family discount?

Can I write you a postdated check? When is deposit due?
No Checks! Deposit are due upon your online registration. I suggest just paying in full online to eliminate possible confusions.

If we pay in cash is there a discount?
No Discount, but we do accept cash. Please pay deposit online and remainder at door.

My son/daughter has allergies, Is there going to be a way of accommodating his food needs?
Yes, we will schedule a meeting with your son and the cafeteria staff so they know how to accommodate his needs at our intensive camps. For ALL IN camps we will need to know ahead of time in the registration form and we will make adjustments as needed.

My son takes medication on a daily basis but can’t take it himself, how are we going to make sure he gets it?
We will have a staff member in our camp store with a schedule of his required medication times and our staff will make sure they get him at those times.

Are refunds available?
No, we incur many costs upfront to pay for the athletes through the entire week regardless if they can make it the whole time.

How much money do they need for camp store?
We allow credit cards, however if you want to bring cash, between $50 and $150 is good just in case your son wants to purchase some of the awesome apparel we offer and or needs some extra snacks.

What happens if there is an emergency? 
Any times during the day a medic can be reached quickly and we will have on file all the kids’ medical information as needed.

Can I send my son in a camper?
No – We actually pride ourselves on our signature barracks atmosphere which creates a home base for camp unity, safety, and great memories.

My son’s grandma lives within 5 miles, can he go home at night?
We have option on the registration form for commuters. Please note the schedule listed for your camp as the pick up and drop off times will need to be early and late in order to be at all sessions.

Where does registration take place? Exact location and time it begins?
Kaizen Intensive Camps will begin at 8 am at host location
ALL IN Wrestling Camps will begin at 10am on the first day of camp.

What are the sleeping arrangements at each camp?
All wrestlers will be in a barracks type atmosphere in a gymnasium. Depending on the camp location you will be notified in your packing list.

My son doesn’t have a coach, who can he go to if he needs help/mentoring?
We love the individuals that make the decision to come to camp and our staff will be readily available for any needs of our athletes.

Can we pay with a check at registration?
No checks. We accept, money orders, cash, or card.

Who do we contact if we want to get a hold of our son but he doesn’t have a phone?
If the kid has a phone, is it ok to contact him, if the kids coach is there that’s also ok. If you can’t get a hold of either of those, it is best to contact the host contact of the camp.
WA Camps – Lauren Jones– 208-841- 6639
ID Camps – Lauren Jones – 208-841- 6639

Is there a packing list?
There is a packing list on this site in the preparation packet tab, there is also a confirmation packing list that will be sent after you register for camp.

What about Insurance?
Once you have entered your insurance card info online, you are good to go.

How many matches will my son or daughter get?
You can easily expect over 14 hours of high level coaching as well as competition. Competition will take place in many different formats but I can assure you nearly 40 full wrestling matches in the 3 days at the All In Camps.

What about eating?
ALL IN Camps will provide lunch and dinner on day 1, three meals on day 2, and one meal on day 3. While your child is with us, you will not need to provide them any meals.

What about Hydration?
Safety is very important to our staff. All athletes are inside for the majority of camp and all athletes are required to have their water bottles near or with them at all times. 

Can my kid go off campus?
No kids are allowed to go to vehicles or outside any of the campus boundaries or access vehicles throughout the week unless approved by camp counselor or camp staff?

What if we cannot make it in time for the 10 am registration the first day?
We will check you in when you can make it, please make sure to notify our support staff at laurenjones512@gmail.com of your schedule and plans.
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